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What began as a roadside stand selling lychees in South Florida has blossomed into a global network of farms with operations in eight countries spanning across two continents. Our company began with a modest vision: find the best fruit around and share it with the world! Weather it be red dragonfruit coming from South Florida or rambutan picked in the jungles of Honduras, we scour the globe to bring the best fruit possible to our customers.

The pride of our company lies in working with the finest growers across the Western Hemisphere. Without the farmers, there is no fruit. To ensure utmost quality control, each and every grower is screened through a careful process to verify that they are a good fit for our network. We look at everything from the soil to the workers, and even the DNA of tree species, before determining what fruits are worthwhile to bring into the US market. Over the past 5 years we have invested dividends from our company to help expand these farms and provide funding for research and development of tropical fruits.

After the farms, our customers make up the other half of the equation. Most of the products we work with are very delicate and environmentally sensitive, therefore we invest much time and effort into making sure that every single fruit can be enjoyed by the end user. Thanks to advancements in modern technology it is now possible to harvest, clean, pack, and ship fruits into the US market within 24-48 hours! This allows our retail partners to provide a longer shelf life for consumers to purchase and enjoy our tropical and exotic fruits.

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  • Main Office: 3191 Grand Avenue #1641 Miami, Florida 33133
  • Phone Number: 305-608-9020
  • Phone Number: 305-213-8087
  • E-Mail: info@seasonsfarmfresh.com