Farming & Distribution

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From the Soil

At Seasons Farm Fresh, we believe that every fruit tells a story. Our goal is to bring these juicy, flavorful stories to customers so that they can be savored as long as possible. Since every story has a  beginning, let us tell you about ours on the farm....

Every fruit begins their life with seeds and soil. The effects of the terrain give a unique quality to the same fruit grown in different regions. Whether it be rich, volcanic soil in Grenada or loamy, sandy soil in South Florida, this environment imparts an essence on all living things. Understanding the symbiosis between plants and their  environments help to guide us in our search for the best growing regions across the Caribbean basin and beyond.

Once we locate an area, the next step is to learn about the human element in farming. We select, and work jointly with, the best farmers who have intimate knowledge of the land and local cultivars so we can export the best possible product. These individuals have often been farming the same land for generations, which gives them a distinct advantage in knowing how all of the biotic and abiotic factors of that specific ecosystem dictate when and where to plant. This type of knowledge is acquired over generations and can play a major factor in the success of a farming venture.

Depending on the locale, our partner farms use a wide range of  farming methods and practices that fit their specific situation. In the  Lesser Antilles the farms are relatively small (20 acres). Gasoline and machinery are very expensive in this part of the globe; therefore, almost all labor is done exclusively by hand using basic tools. Planting is done with picks and shovels, weeding accomplished through machete work, and pruning with manual shears. Thankfully, an abundance of rainfall, sunshine, and rich soils allow for minimal input of fertilizers and pesticides.

For more commercialized products, such as limes and rambutan, farming  is done on a more mechanized scale. The groves in Colombia, Mexico,  Honduras, and other mainland nations are much larger (hundreds of  acres). This economy of scale and accessibility to newer technologies  allows for modern growing, maintenance, and harvest methods to be put in place. The result is more uniform fruit, in both appearance and taste, able to reach market.

To Your Door

Our corporate office and distribution facilities are located in sunny Miami, Florida. Being located in the crossroads of Latin America and the Caribbean gives our company unparalleled access to importing  products from across the region. For the past five years, we have constantly worked on improving our logistical capabilities to minimize the time between harvest and delivery, thus giving wholesalers, retailers, and the end consumer a product with longest shelf life.

With major investments into research and development, we have created protocols for proper transport, storage, and handling for all of our  products in accordance with FDA and FSMA guidelines. Seasons Farm Fresh has developed specific programs with major airlines, steamship lines, and trucking companies to gain access to key  markets throughout the United States. Recently, we have begun to pioneer  the use of air freight to effectively and economically transfer highly  perishable tropical fruits with very short shelf lives.