Some Fun Facts!



 The word avocado comes from the Nahuatl Indian (Aztec) word “ahuácatl” meaning testicle and was believed to be an aphrodisiac of the Gods!  Make sure you get your balance of unsaturated fats from this great fruit, currently the #1 consumed produce item from the keto diet.

Cherimoya + Sugar Apple


 Did you know that upon his many excursions, Mark Twain came across this South American treat and called the cherimoya and its cousin the sugar apple “the most delicious fruit known to men?"



In the same family as taro root (the popular purple color food item you're probably more familiar with), Dasheen and its relatives date back to origins in China from 100 BC and Hawaiian folklore tells a tale that from Haloa (second child of the Gods after first child was stillborn, buried, and sprouted a taro plant), the Hawaiian race of people descended. No wonder this root is known as an island food staple! 

Dragonfruit "pitaya"


Early Asian marketers of this fruit derived the name from its similarity to spiny dragons, which were said to be the last item to come out of a dragon's nostrils once it breathed fire. If a dragon was slain, the fruit would be collected and served to the emperor and those who feasted on this "flesh" would be given the strength of a dragon, so make sure your kids get plenty of this vibrant treat!



A bite-sized snack great for kids, the origin of this delicious citrus have references in Chinese literature dating  back to the 1st-2nd century! Their name derives from cumquat or comquot, meaning  "gold orange" in Chinese. Ask about our summer offerings from our partner growers in Chile!



This sweet bite-sized treat (don't eat the seed!) dates back almost 4000 years to being harvested in the lowlands of China and India! Florida is the largest US producer of this crop between May-June and we have had the luck to work with the largest South African cooperative of growers to bring these in from December-January since they produce in the Southern hemisphere (their summer is our winter).

From Our Farms to your Hands!



The earliest origins trace mangos back to India, the largest producer worldwide, and China. It wasn't until the 1600's when South American explorers brought the fruit to Mexico & South America that the western hemisphere was exposed to the fruit known around the world!

We supply Florida mangoes during Summer-Fall as well as recently partnering up with Jamaican growers to have exclusive distribution of the famous East Indian and Julie varieties, seen above!



The soft bristles of this "hairy-looking"  gumball sized fruit gets its name  is from the Malaysian word "rambut", meaning "hair". Legend has it that in the 19th century, the Dutch introduced rambutan from their colony in Southeast Asia to Suriname in South America, and from there it spread to Central America.

To make sure we provide the most direct product and support the farmers growing, we purchased over 50 manzanas (land measurement similar to a hectare) in Honduras to have the best quality control of this product once it reaches your hands. Make sure to try this fruit out between September to February and especially during Halloween as a scary looking snack for kids and adults alike!

Soursop "guanabana"


This spiny but delectable fruit has history of growing regions from southeast Asia to South America & the Caribbean without very few details on its first recorded findings, making it a truly natural fruit with little input needed. It has gained worldwide attention over the last 2 decades as it is now being researched by many universities as a complementary and alternative therapy for its cancer cell fighting properties.

Although we cannot confirm any item to "cure cancer" due to the fact that every person's body reacts differently to any form of health treatment, we strongly support consumption of this fruit in its fresh form (preservatives limit the nutritional benefits). Grenada is the only country allowed to export this fresh fruit into the US (USDA regulation) and we hope that you can try the magic in this green gold! Ask about our growing practices as we are the #1 distributor, grower, and investor of this product on the island!